How does it work?

Brag is all about free items! We are like an online shop, except that you do not need cash. Instead, we reward you for your actions on the website. We constantly add new interesting items, so make sure to check out the list often and tell your friends as well!


Start by joining the website. Have friends on Brag? Use their link so you both get a nice 99 bonus and don't forget to confirm your email!

Claim daily rewards

We give out daily Gold so make sure you claim it whenever you see an opportunity! Check back often and collect all bonuses!

Invite your friends

The best way to earn Gold is to invite others. Make sure you tell your friends and other people that you are on and invite them to join as well! More friends means higher level and more items and we are very generous with Gold for those who spread the word!

Use all features

We also have many games, offers and other ways to earn Gold. Check them all out and grow your Gold balance fast!

Order your items

Browse through our endless list of items and choose the ones you like. You can bookmark them for later. We constantly add new interesting items so everybody should find what they want!

Get them shipped to your door

We will ship the items to you. Make sure to brag on social media or our "received" page when you get the free stuff! Then repeat again!