Frequently Asked Questions

We accept users from all countries! Just make sure you agree to our Terms and Conditions before joining.

Yes, joining, using the website and ordering items is completely free!

Each individual can create only one account without exceptions.

We give free items in exchange to the Brag Gold which you can collect on our website. Gold acts as our internal reward system: the more time you spend on the more Gold you get and the more items you can order!

Yes, shipping is always free.

Every day we give free Gold to our users. However, there are numerous other options to get even more! The best way is to invite your friends through your personal link. This way you will get Gold and XP points as well as increase your daily rewards. Finally, there are many other games, offers and features, check them out and easily get more of that sweet sweet Gold!

Not on its own. However, you can lose Gold in case you bet it in games where risk is involved.

No, since you cannot deposit Gold, you cannot withdraw it either. Gold is meant to be used on only!

We only reward you if the visitor has never clicked on link before or has never registered an account.

By collecting XP points you increase your level. Higher level allows you to get more daily rewards, access certain areas of the website and order more items.

By displaying more ads we will be able to offer more Gold and more items!