Proof gallery, logo quiz and more

We have some really cool updates! Check them out!

🔥 Proof gallery is now live! You can see what others have received and post your items as well. You will be allowed to post your photo as soon as your order is marked as delivered. Check out My Orders section!

🔥 We have also just launched a new game: Logo Quiz. Guess the correct logo and win some sweet sweet Gold!

🤔 We have updated the top menu. Do not worry, everything is still here, just some things may have switched places!

💬 I would like to remind you that you can always use Support section if you want to contact us with your ideas, suggestions or questions. We are always glad to help!

More news soon! Good luck!

Post by John

First weeks of

A couple of weeks have already passed since we launched and we would like to share our first impressions and what is waiting for you in the future.

We already have our first orders sent out. Hopefully, the first items reach the recipients soon (actually, some of them should be arriving just now). Our first members worked hard inviting their friends and exploring features so they really deserve to be rewarded 😊! We will include a proof-photos section a bit later so everybody could brag and see what others have received!

We have also seen a couple of members trying to take shortcuts and faking registrations to get more Gold. However, this is not how it works, so please be honest and invite real people. After all, having a team of real friends will help you a lot in the future, as you will see with the next updates 😉. is a very social platform and we are working on many new features to keep you entertained. We have just started and we already see a lot of potential. More items are coming soon, including virtual rewards (games, keys and so on) and even Brag brand merch! Just keep coming every day and you will find something new.

At this point we are still focusing more on polishing the platform before going full blast. This is why we would like to say thanks to each and every one of our first members! You guys rock and help us improve a lot 🤘🤘🤘!

Keep inviting your friends and coming back to claim your rewards and we will keep working hard! We have so much planned that the next couple of weeks will be a wild ride!

Also, make sure you follow us on all our social media as we are going to post some cool coupons and other info there soon!

Oh, and you can always contact me through support chat. I will be happy to answer all your questions!

Good luck for now and I will keep you updated often!

Post by John